About Us

Temperance Elementary School
1981 Lowesville Rd.
Amherst, VA 24521

2018 Board of Education Excellence Award
Temperance Elementary was awarded the Virginia State Distinguished School Award for academic excellence.

Misison Statement

Temperance Elementary School is one of six elementary schools located in rural Amherst County, Virginia. Our shared vision is to be recognized as a school of academic excellence and we believe that the collaborative efforts of our community and school, the Temperance Elementary Family, will ensure that each child becomes a life-long learner.

Temperance Elementary is a small school in a very close-knit community, it is the nucleus of the community. Each year the school's facilities are used to provide a variety of opportunities for community fellowship, entertainment, and partnerships to assist our students in being the best they can be.

The Temperance Elementary Family expands educational opportunities by offering our students field trips that support the comprehension and knowledge of the Virginia Standards of Learning. . Our teachers and students also enhance classroom instruction by assuring participation in programs such as Second Grade Seconds, The Sunflower Garden, and No Snow-Snow Day (Pajama Day) which offer real life learning opportunities.

Temperance Elementary believes that effective communication ensures an effective learning environment. A variety of communication tools are utilized to ensure that we all have a shared vision. Parents are informed of students' progress and concerns through e-mails, student agendas, parent contact logs, interim reports, parent/teacher conferences, weekly classroom newsletters, and monthly school newsletters. The Temperance Elementary website offers another communication tool in which weekly newsletters, teachers' contact information, school policies, school information, SOL information, and a calendar of events are posted.

We also understand the importance of recognizing student achievements and communicating high expectations. Each month teachers select Students of the Month based on student success in the areas of academics, attendance, and attitude. Students are also recognized at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, academic successes, attendance, and other special events.

The Temperance Elementary Family truly believes that educating our students to be successful in future endeavors is the responsibility of our students, faculty, staff, parents, and community. We value each child and are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment to every student, every day.