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Ms Bumgarner




                                                                 2/5/18 - 2/9/18

In your child’s Friday envelope you will find a book that our entire school will be reading together. The book is called, “The Lemonade War.” You will find a schedule with the date and the chapter that you are asked to read and discuss with your child each night, Mon. through Friday.( Please do not read ahead.) We will also reread the same chapter during our ice cream break. I hope that you will see this as an opportunity to read as a family, and help your child think through what they are reading. We are excited about this and hope that you will be also. This will be in place of homework until the book is completed. Read every night Mon. - Fri. They are to write a sentence about that chapter for homework. If there is any snow during this time you are to follow the scheduled reading assignments.

In social studies we have been learning about Pocahontas and how she made contributions to our country. She brought food to the Jamestown settlers and helped in the friendship between her father Powhatan and the colonists.

In math, we will sort and classify concrete objects according to one or more attributes, including color, size, shape, and thickness. We will then study graphs. The student will a) collect, organize, and represent various forms of data using tables, picture graphs, and object graphs; and b) read and interpret data displayed in tables, picture graphs, and object graphs, using the vocabulary more, less, fewer, greater than, less than, and equal to.

Upcoming dates:

**Friday, 2/14 - Pajama Day - Students may wear their pajamas to school. Please have them wear tennis shoes for PE. We will be reading a lot that day.   We will celebrate our Valentine’s party on the 14th. The children can exchange valentines and we will have a small snack. We have 19 students in the class.

**St. Jude’s money is due on the 22nd.

**The 23rd was supposed to be a workday for teachers. It is now a regular school day.


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