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Ms Bumgarner


 First Grade Newsletter

3/12/18 - 3/16/18

  Snow????     ... Spring Forward | by ...     No snow!!!!


**Remember to turn your clocks forward Saturday night.


Here are some important dates for you to mark on your calendars:

  • The end of our 3rd nine weeks is Thursday, the 15th. Report cards will go home on the 22nd. I may be requesting conferences at this time.

  • The schools are not open to the students on Friday the 16th.

  • March 20th the school will be having a science fair. I would like for each child to have a science project to share with the class, and then all projects will be set up in the cafeteria for everyone to see that day after school. They can send them in beginning  the 14th, so we can share them in class.

  • March 29th - Spring Pictures!!!!!

  • March 30th - We will have our spring party. We will have an egg hunt in the late afternoon. I will be asking for eggs filled with wrapped candy or other surprises. Let me know if there is something that you would like to make, or send in, for the party.

  • April 14th is our spring carnival. We will have the silent auction, cake walk, and games. First grade will be responsible for a “Pamper Me” basket. You will find a letter attached with ideas.


In science, we have been learning that all motion is caused by a force. A force can be a push or pull, wind, water and gravity. We finish this unit of science next week.



Mrs. Bumgarner


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