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Kindergarten Newsletter

October 20, 2017




Dear Parents,

Report cards are coming home today. It is a new report card for kindergarten. The first nine weeks expectations are in the front of the report card.  You will need to look at back of report card to see your child’s grades in PE, Art, Music and content subjects.  Social skills are also included in this area.   If any of you would like to come in and discuss your child’s progress, you may do so.  I’ll be glad to stay an afternoon that suits both of us.   Please let me know.

In math, we will focus on patterns and continuing our study of ordinal numbers and positional terms, first - tenth.

Our featured poem for next week is:  The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

As the month draws to a close and November approaches, we will begin our study of the Pilgrims and Native Americans in social studies.  

Our Fall party will be next Friday, October 27th.  The children are asked to dress as a “good character” on that day.  The party will begin at 2:45.  Thanks to you folks that have signed up to donate items for the party.  I hope you all will be able to come. You are always welcome!

Next week the children are asked to do something special to “Celebrate a Drug Free America” week.  Please check your TES newsletter for the designated days on what he/she is to wear.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Williams

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