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Kindergarten Newsletter

February 9, 2018


Dear Parents,

The children are so excited about Valentine’s Day and wearing their PJ’s again!  We will spend a lot of time reading all of our favorite stories! 

Interims will go home on Monday, Feb. 12th.

Parent- Teacher conferences will be Tuesday (Feb. 20th.)  I really like to touch base with everyone at this time of the year.  If you are able to come in on that day, please sign up for one.  If not, please contact me and I will be glad to schedule one at your convenience.

Our poetry focus for next week will be: Valentine Snowman.  Please allow your child to read the poem nightly.  This helps with their development of concept of word.

In social studies we will celebrate famous Americans – Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

In math, the students are learning to gather data by tallying and counting.  We will continue our unit on time and measuring and identifying instruments used to measure weight, length and time.

St. Jude’s money is due on Thursday, Feb. 22nd.

 Feb. 23rd is now a regular school day for the children. It is no longer a teacher planning day. 

Thanks and have a good weekend,

Mrs. Williams

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