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Kindergarten Newsletter

August 18, 2017



Dear Parents,

We have had a great first week!  The children are settling into the routines and learning lots about school.  I understand it is a long day for them, but you all will be amazed at how well they settle in and learn the routines and rules.

Thanks to you all for helping with the student ID numbers!  Some of the children are already able to key the number in with no help!! They are awesome! If you do not know your child’s ID number in order to help them, please contact the school in order that I may give it to you again.

There is some confusion in the mornings concerning breakfast.  Some of the children think that their packed lunch is their breakfast and will begin eating it in the cafeteria in the morning after they arrive. It is so confusing to the little ones.  They see others eating breakfast and they think that that is what they need to do as well (even though they have already eaten at home.)  Please remind your child if you want him/her to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. 

Ice cream/snack time is also confusing.  If you want your child to have ice cream and he/she has money is in his/her account, please remind him/her the days you want him/her to have ice cream. A great way to do it is to notify the cafeteria and have them pre-mark which days your child will be getting ice cream.  If you do not want your child to have ice cream at school, please pack a light snack for him/her to have during our afternoon snack time. The children do get hungry before school is dismissed.

 Friday folders are coming home today. The Friday folders will be sent home each Friday and the children will return them every Monday.  They will remain here until the following Friday.  I want to thank you all for returning your child’s folders.  Thank you so much.  The children are able to organize all of their classwork and important notices to be taken home on a daily basis. 

Virginia Diner fund raisers are also coming home today.  Everything looks so yummy! Look it over and if you choose to participate, just send in completed forms and money collected by the due date.

We were not able to go into the computer lab on Wednesday. It will continue in September.  Your child will need a pair of ear phones to use in the lab.  They are available in The Dollar Store, Family Dollar or Wal-Mart at little cost. Your child will be able to keep them throughout his/her years at Temperance, as we bag them up and send them on to the next grade. Again,   I apologize for the late notice.

*Back to School Night is Tuesday August 22nd.  I hope to see you all then!

Thank you for your continued support!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Williams




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